Your God Hates Everyone So Stop With The Lies

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Want to know how I know? I’ll tell you. It’s quite simple actually. Just talk to your neighborhood christian and they’ll tell you as plan as day that ‘God loves everyone!’ That’s the biggest lie ever told. It’s to be expected seeing as Pew Research has stated that Christians know the least about their religion; their god, their bible.

Let’s list the things that god see as abominations, or are detestable; things [he] hates and abhors and see if he’s truly all about love. This list is going to be long.:

“Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman;that is detestable.” -Leviticus 18:22

“And ye shall not walk in the manners of the nation, which I cast out before you: for they committed all these things, and therefore I abhorred them.” -Leviticus 20:23

 For I the Lord love judgment, I hate…

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Complimenting workers

I was at the Brady street festival Saturday with my companion and another friend. We were looking for food and that area has plenty of restaurants. My friend had been looking for a brat but I was running on empty so I needed to go to the first place available. We ended up at a place with burritos and such. It was a very interesting experience. We were seated so that we could check out the crowd on the street but what drew my attention was the ever alert wait staff. Especially a young black man who was not our waiter but seemed to be going on ever ready batteries.

I am also aware that the minimum wage for tipped workers is miserable and the restaurant industry is notorious for leading the fight against raising the minimum wage. I complimented the young man for being such a good worker and left av generous tip for our waiter. Workers are the backbone of our society, but attention seems to focus on business owners. Tax breaks, and other supply side trickle down economics that don’t put money into workers’ pockets.

We need to begin complementing the people who bring us our food, help us through mental crises and provide comfort and electricity. They are the ones who buy and they deserve a break today.

#GazaUnderAttack | Israel Murders IDF Soldier to Prevent His Capture ~ by @Richards1052

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sgt guy levy

Sgt. Guy Levy of the armored corps, killed July 26, 2014 by the IDF to prevent his capture

I’ve devoted a good deal of my life to Israel.  I’ve studied, read, visited, lived, breathed it.  Not in the way diehard pro-Israel fanatics do.  But in a different way that matched my own intellectual and political proclivities.  It’s a subject that is rich, varied, troubling, bedeviling, and exhilarating.  But every once in a while I learn something I never thought possible; and I don’t mean this in a good way.

Tonight, my Israeli source informed me that Sgt. Guy Levy, serving in the armored corps, was captured by Hamas fighters.  He had been part of a joint engineering-armored-combat unit searching for tunnels.  Troops entered a structure and discovered a tunnel.  Suddenly, out of the shaft sprang two militants who dragged one of the…

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Hafrada is a Hebrew word. It is a word for seperation and withdrawal. It refers to the Israeli policy of seperating the Israeli population from the Palestinian population by means of a big wall. We also have our walls. If actions speak louder than words then our actions say we believe in Hafrada. We believe in it every day.

Some of our walls are obvious. We use them to keep people in their place. Every black person in this country knows about hafrada. Every poor person does too. Some groups are perhaps slowly coming out from behind the walls. For some the walls have been there so long that people cant even see them anymore.

The mental health policy of this country was historically built on hafrada and in many ways it still remains.

The psychiatric hospitals of the past were tools of segregation. People went there to live and…

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Gun Violence? Blame the “Frustrated Entitled” | Trauma Informed Systems

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Gun Violence? Blame the “Frustrated Entitled” | Trauma Informed Systems
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“State rep sees need to fix mental health system”

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This July 26, 2014 Daily Times News article from Delaware County, PA, talks about legislation being proposed by state Rep. Margo Davidson that, at first glance, seems to be very similar to what Rep. Tim Murphy has proposed.  Like Murphy’s bill, Davidson’s bill includes things like assisted outpatient treatment and other services for the seriously mentally ill.

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On the fraud of Murphy

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The Murphy Bill has gotten a free pass on one issue, both by those who have issue with it and those who support it. He paints the crisis in the mental health system in the broadest strokes with incredible numbers…. 300000 “mentally ill” in jail etc. Then he offers his solutions. Some of his ideas are other peoples. He has tried to “buy” support by including ideas that have a lot of support like the Garrett Smith legislation. The ideas that are his are the core of the problem: Nationalization of AOT, increased psychiatric hospitalization, destruction of SAMSHA, and destruction of protection and advocacy programs. The fair question (putting aside questions of the ethics of his bill) is does what he recommend have any likelihood of really affecting a problem the magnitude of what he describes. The answer I think is a clear and resounding no. His bill is a…

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